Being a productive deep learning researcher takes more than just an understanding of theory. Spending a little time setting up the right tools can pay off in just a few hours, and save you an enormous amount of time!

If you feel like using cloud GPUs adds overhead to your…

A simple change to speed up your deep learning training massively

Deep Learning: Need For Speed

When training deep learning models, performance is crucial. Datasets can be huge, and inefficient training means slower research iterations, less time for hyperparameter optimisation, longer deployment cycles, and higher compute cost.

Despite all that, it can be hard to justify investing too much time speeding things up, as there are…

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Reproducibility is hard.

Last week I wrote a simple Reinforcement Learning agent, and I ran into some reproducibility problems while testing it on CartPole. …

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Some brief notes from day 3 of NeurIPS 2018. Previous notes here: Expo Tutorials Day 2.

Reproducible, Reusable, and Robust Reinforcement Learning (Professor Joelle Pineau)

I was sad to miss this talk, but lots of people told me it was great so I’ve bookmarked it to watch later.

Investigations into the Human-AI Trust Phenomenon (Professor Ayanna Howard)

A few interesting points…

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Just a brief highlight from day two: Professor Michael Levin’s incredible talk on What Bodies Think About, summarising 15 years of research in exploring the hardware/software distinction in biology. Hello, Cronenberg World.

A brief introduction on how the brain is far from the…

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Monday was the first day of the core conference, following the Expo on Sunday. There were a number of really interesting tutorials. Here’s a brief summary of the three I managed to attend.

Scalable Bayesian Inference (Professor David Dunson)

This tutorial explored one main question: how do we go…

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Today was NeurIPS Expo, the zeroth day of this year’s Neural Information Processing Systems conference in Montréal. The Expo is a day with content from industry right before the rest of the conference. …

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It’s easier to read than to remember what you’ve read. I used to struggle to remember what a book was about, even just a few years after reading it.

I don’t have this problem anymore. In a few recent conversations about books, people…

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I’ve been called old-fashioned when it comes to communication. Some people don’t understand why I like email so much. (I love email. It’s the best. Please email me.)

One reason is that it’s the only good way to send messages which are clearly…

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